You have the power to transform your life

Release your blockages and limiting beliefs

which prevent you from accomplishing your goals.

Your life does not fully satisfy you?

You know what you want but cannot achieve it?
You have tried various personal development methods without success?

What is Theta Healing ?

Much more than a self-development technique, a revolutionary energy healing modality that helps you reprogram your subconscious mind.

In 1995, Vianna Stibal, a young American naturopath, sick of cancer, succeeded in healing herself by discovering and daily practising an innovative energy healing technique based on the activation of the theta brain wave.

Taught for more than 20 years, Theta Healing® has transformed thousands of lives.

Theta Healing® teaches you to go into the theta brainwave, a state of deep relaxation. In the theta frequency, you have the power to reprogram your subconscious mind and clear it from all your cellular memories. You have the power to heal both physically and emotionally – and to accomplish your deepest desires.

Our certified teachers teach you this modality and assist you in your empowerment towards happiness and abundance

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“Theta Healing changed my life and I am eager to help you transform yours!”

Sibylle Natcheva, ex-corporate lawyer, certified practitioner and teacher of

ThetaHealing® , founder of ThetaNova.

More than 650,000 people trained in ThetaHealing®. The technique is now spread in 152 countries

Theta Healing Courses

3 days to transform your life

Learn to practice Theta Healing® yourself to apply it in your everyday life. Trigger a deep and sustainable change in your life.

What are the fundamentals of Theta Healing®? How to reach the theta brain wave? How to use this frequency to identify and release blockages? How to reprogram your subconscious and clear your cellular memories? How to activate the desired transformations?

Our 3 day courses enable you to understand, learn and master all of these techniques.

Wellness Coach

Theta Healing Sessions

Release the blocages

related to a specific issue

Experience the benefits of Theta Healing® in an individual session to work on one of your issues (love relations, career questions, health issues) with a Theta Healing® practitioner.

One hour session.

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