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Theta Healing® Benefits

With Theta Healing®, you learn how to train your brain to go into the theta brain wave.

This is achieved with a simple but very powerful meditation technique.

With Theta Healing, you learn how to train your brain to go into the theta brain wave. This is achieved with a simple but very powerful meditation technique.

When you meditate, your brainwaves slow down. You become more calm, more relaxed. Your brain waves start shifting from beta (the high energy state) to alpha (the relaxed state) to theta (the deep state of relaxation).

Studies have shown that theta waves indicate deep relaxation and occur more frequently in highly experienced meditation practitioners.

The source is frontal parts of the brain, which are associated with monitoring of other mental processes (Source: Science Direct research done in collaboration by Sydney University and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)).

Accessing the Theta state is all about getting your brain to shift from an alert and highly aware state to a relaxed, calm state where you can begin to focus on your awareness.

When in this relaxed state, you become receptive to healing, hypnosis and other holistic therapies.

You will be more open to explore deep rooted issues such as insecurities, worries and past traumas; issues that affect your life on a day-to-day basis and hold you back from fulfilling your full potential and reaching your goals in life.

Whether you want to reduce anxiety and stress, or encourage healing of the mind and body, you will benefit.

If you are on medication for anxiety or stress related symptoms, or perhaps you are dealing with some body pain issues or mental trauma issues from the past, you might like to try Theta healing as an accompaniment to your medication.

Benefits of Theta Healing®

Theta Healing is an energy healing modality. It teaches us to heal and to auto-heal. It shows us how to improve our physical and psychic state. It is a revolutionary technique to reprogram our subconscious mind.

Theta Healing has additional benefits as follows.

Stress Release


Theta brain waves are emitted at a very low frequency, where the conscious mind meets the unconscious. This produces a trance-like state of meditation similar to hypnosis, which relaxes the mind and relieves any mental stress or anxiety.

Physical Relaxation & Mental Clarity


In the same way that theta waves relax the mind, they allow the body to release any tension it may be feeling. Much of the body’s reaction to environmental stimuli is reduced, meaning that the mind can function more clearly with fewer physical obstructions.

Pain Relief and Physical Healing


Even as the theta state drastically improves the mind’s function and capabilities, it produces opportunities for healing the body as well. As the brain waves slow, physical ailments can be understood and remedied. The boundaries of this healing are limitless and have stretched from tumors to joint pain and beyond.

Release Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back 


The Theta Healing technique guides you to identify your limiting beliefs and to change them. Once you can change your limiting beliefs and conditionings, you can change the way you think and the way you act. You can create the reality you want.

Increased Performance IQ 


Intelligence quotient (IQ) is a measurement of the mind’s ability to understand, learn, and utilize ideas to problem-solve rapidly. Because of the theta state’s ability to induce clarifying meditation, a practitioner’s IQ often improves as a result of heightened mental flexibility.

Brain Hemisphere Connection


Our brains have two hemispheres, each of which is used for many different purposes as we interact with the world around us. Much of the cognitive dissonance and confusion we experience in day-to-day life is a result of these two halves failing to communicate. The theta state allows for the two hemispheres of the brain to be better synchronized, so a higher form of understanding can be reached.

Improved Memory & Creativity


As the theta meditation produces a state of mental calm, clarity, and connection, the mind can reach past former boundaries:

  • The memory is clearer and more easily accessed;

  • Creativity and imagination can bloom completely unobstructed.


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