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Develop your skills to create the life you desire

Theta Healing®

Advanced DNA

The Advanced Theta Healing® course expands your knowledge as you learn

more advanced and faster techniques.

You go deeper in the theta brainwave and you learn to access it almost instantly.

This brings you awareness and mindfulness.


Take your journey to the next level of physical healing, emotional wellbeing

and spiritual awakening.

Who is this for?


This class is fundamental in mastering the theta brainwave, developing stronger skills for your healings, increasing your intuition and doing deeper belief work.

You learn how to clear resentment, rejection and regret. You deepen your understanding of the planes of existence. The class is full of “downloads” that enlighten and heal.

You will release many blocks to connecting to the creation energy that could be inhibiting your healing. You will receive Feelings ‘downloads’ that will bring profound healing and enlightenment.

Take your skills to the next level

Duration: 3 days

Timetable: 9 am to 4:30 pm (including a lunch break and two short breaks)

Prerequisites: ThetaHealing® Basic DNA Course


Cost: 400 €. The course fee is set by the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge.


Includes: Vianna Stibal's Advanced ThetaHealing® book and a practice manual.

Certification: you will be certified as an Advanced ThetaHealing® practitioner by the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge. 

In this 3 day course, you will learn:

  • 7th Plane connection and grounding

  • Advanced creation of feelings, Feeling Work

  • Advanced digging for beliefs and fears, faster techniques

  • Hundred’s of life enhancing downloads

  • How to live without negative feelings

  • Releasing and resolving rejection, resentment and regret

  • An in depth explanation of the 7 Planes of existence

  • Releasing negative vow’s, oath’s and commitments within the 7 planes of existence

  • Connecting with Plants and Crystals through the 7th Plane

  • Releasing Free Floating Memories (Memories stored in the subconscious whilst in a state of shock, trauma, unconsciousness or anaesthesia)

  • Healing the baby in the womb

  • Healing the Broken Soul & Soul fragments

  • Healing the Broken Heart – using sound healing

  • Mediumship – Ancestral Readings
    Connecting to and speaking with your higher self

  • Mastering and bending time

  • Remembering your future, and how to change it

The course is 75% practical experience.

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