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The theta brainwave: a state of deep relaxation

The theta brainwave is one of the 5 frequencies at which the brain operates.

It is a slower wave pattern, cycling at 4-8hz (cycles per second), where we can access

your most creative, yet deeply relaxed, state of mind.

Scientists have discovered that it is theta brain waves that allow individuals to experience their strongest spiritual connection. E.E.G. (electroencephalogram) studies have also shown that feelings of internal peace, gratitude and bliss are only felt when the theta brainwaves are dominant.

The theta brainwave state is the brainwave used to access the subconscious mind where we stock:

  • our experiences

  • long term memories

  • creativity

  • emotions

  • spiritual connection

  • and inspiration.

By entering the subconscious mind, where your memories and feelings reside, a Theta Healing® practitioner is able to guide you to your truth and change any negative beliefs.

Once the beliefs are changed on the subconscious level, via the theta brainwave, the effects are immediate and permanent, as they take the place of the original limiting beliefs developed in childhood.

The five brain wave patterns


There are five major frequencies of brain waves.

The beta frequency is the one we use at normal times when we are active. Whilst we speak, we eat, even whilst we read, we are in Beta. The beta frequency is 14 to 21 cycles per second (cps) and higher.

The alpha frequency is one we use the most when in a relaxed, meditative state of mind. The alpha frequency is between 7 to 14 cycles per second.

The theta frequency is between 4 to 7 cycles per second. A Theta state is most often reached during a deep state of meditation. It is also a sleep state and can be achieved as well through hypnosis.

The delta frequency is between 0 to 4 cycles per second. A Delta state of mind is found whilst you are in deep sleep.

The gamma frequency is above 40 cycles per second. The gamma state of mind is the state when we learn and process information in a very active way or when we are highly concentrated as whilst driving fast or while playing video games. Gamma waves stimulate the release of Beta endorphins. Gamma waves appear to be involved in higher mental activity including perception and consciousness.

Applying the Theta Healing® technique

By going into the theta brainwave, you reach the subconscious mind where you can change your negative beliefs into positive ones.

You can reach a higher state of consciousness and resolve the challenges you have in our life.

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