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ThetaNova is a team of professionals dedicated to
helping our clients improve their lives.

" Theta Healing
transformed my life "

Sibylle's Story

ThetaNova was created by Sibylle Natcheva, a former corporate lawyer in Paris, London and New York.


During a challenging legal carrier, Sibylle encountered various issues as health conditions, fatigue and exhaustion which led her on a transformational journey of mind healing.


Sibylle has trained in Theta Healing® with the founder of Theta Healing® Vianna Stibal and is thrilled to share her energy healing and mind training journey with people.


Sibylle’s transformation journey started with nutrition.

After years of exhaustion, she changed her health by gaining a major understanding of our bodies.

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She trained as a nutritionist and re-discovered vitality and true health by having a clean body.

She then discovered that having a clean mindset has even stronger effects on our health.

She spends her free time mainly in spiritual readings and is thrilled in sharing everything she discovers.

All our team aims to help our clients experience change at all levels. To assist them with improving their life balance, finding better health and loving relationships, having successful careers and creating a better life.

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